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Sale price$2,090.00
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Sale price$2,090.00

White oak LED shelves 

2x 44.5" length x 11.5" depth 3000k LED WIRE RIGHT LED DOWN $265 each

2x- 29.5"x 36" x 11.5" deep 3000k LED facing DOWN dimensions listed left” x right” depth” $525 each

4x dimmable drivers (2x prewired to straight shelves. 2x wired to both 29.5” corner shelves to power the 36” side and 29.5” side) $30 each 

1x metal bracket for the 44.5x11.5” shelf $140

1x metal bracket for 29.5” and 36” corner shelf $120+$130

total $2,090

all shelves left bare with no clear polyurethane finish  

All shelves made from white oak. Mounting brackets and hardware included. Professional electrician required for wiring process. Switches not included.

All shelves including non-dimmable driver to wire directly to 110-120VAC power