I started this business of mine in 2015, just a couple months before I turned 16. Ive always been fascinated with being able to make money by selling things that I made. Whether it was duct tape wallets or lawn mower powered go-karts I had a passion for making things that others found worthy of purchasing.
   The couple weeks of boredom that came after my snowboarding accident, resulting in a broken collar bone, is what caused the launch of my Etsy store, NL Rustic Designs. I wanted to make use of my time sitting around not being able to physically work on anything, so I brainstormed some ideas and started putting together an Etsy shop. Once I was able to move my arm, I made a few random home decor items, listed them on my account, launched my shop and patiently waited for my first sale. After countless times hearing the reassuring words, “you probably wont have your first sale for a few months” come from my mother, you could say we were both surprised when we saw the first sale notification pop up on my phone that night at the dinner table. 
   Eight years, and a whole lot of shelves later, Lyons Crafted has grown into a business I could have never imagined. Over the years I have been blessed by finding amazing, skilled woodworkers to help grow my company. Today our small team of talented individuals still hand crafts each and every shelf that we sell. We have spent the last eight years perfecting our methods in order to create custom shelving fit for any space. We're looking forward to working with you.

-Nico Lyons