LED replacement kit

LED replacement kit

Sale price$40.00
Shelf length:12
Sale price$40.00

Replacement kit includes:

1x 12V DC LED strip with 20" 22 gauge soldered wire pigtail

1x Acrylic diffuser strip

1x Tube of adhesive 

Instructions for replacing LED strip

1) Pry out the acrylic diffuser strip using a small flat head screw driver or similar. Start from the curved end of the strip, lift the strip out of the channel and slowly pull the rest of the strip out in stages.

2) Remove the led strip from the channel starting from the end without the wires. Once the strip is peeled out, use a small knife to cut around the hot glue and pull the wires out from the hole  

3) Replace old strip with the new strip. Peel the adhesive backing off on the new strip and stick it in the channel, firmly pressing down along the entire strip to assure proper adhesion. Feed the wires through the hole

4) Apply a small amount of the included adhesive around the perimeter of the wood channel in the shelf. Peel off the plastic film on both sides of the acrylic diffuser. Lay the acrylic diffuser into the channel on top of the adhesive and press firmly

5) Let the shelf dry laying down with the LED facing upwards for minimum 12 hours