1. On Lyonscrafted.com navigate to the listing you purchased from.
  2. Scroll towards the bottom of the page and find the reviews section.
  3. Next to Product Reviews click the green button labeled Write a review.
  4. Choose a star rating next to Rating.
  5. In Summary let us know what you think about your new custom shelves!
  6. Add a photo or video to your review (necessary to receive reimbursement).
  7. Select Submit
  8. Take a screenshot of your review and email it to marketing@lyonscrafted.com

That's it!

Once we receive your photo confirmation we will review the content and reimburse you up to $20. Minimum reimbursement for a photo or video review is $5 and maximum is $20.

Reimbursement is only offered for orders of shelves. Reimbursement is not offered for orders of LED kits, samples, metal brackets, and LED drivers